Beata Kossowska/Harmonica/Vocal
Kontakt/Polska:Jeannette Przytulska/Korotki Music
mobile: +48 691 053 763


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Beata Kossowska, born in Plonsk / Poland, switched to the music profession immediately after completing her pedagogical studies at the University of Warsaw.
Her international career began with the band "Le Blue", a first album was created and extensive tours took the band to many European countries as well as the U.S.A. At the same time, Beata began to work for Polish television and film music productions.
In Germany she started working with Wolfgang Bernreuther and Rudi Bayer in the band "United Blues Experiance" in 2008. Frequent concerts and several album releases established the excellent reputation of this formation.
At a harmonica meeting in 2013, she met Berlin based acoustic guitarist Eberhard Klunker, with whom she has performed frequently since.
She also works with the Berlin band "Blue Airtrain" and the Polish vibraphonist Milosz Rutkowski. Occasional Beata Kossowska performes as a soloist.
Beata Kossowska's musical spectrum ranges from traditional blues to jazz and funk. The focus here is on own compositions and arrangements.
Beata Kossowska passes her extensive musical skills on to her numerous students in various adult education centers and in various workshop projects. She has published innovative harmonica tutorial books: "The harmonica in practice" and "The princess, the pirate and the harmonica"
Beata has been an endorser for Suzuki Worldclass Harmonicas since 2013.
Her live performances are spectacular:
"... a furious harmonica solo by the singer Beata Kossowska made the room scream ..."
(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
"... Beata Kossowska is not only a fascinating virtuoso harmonica player (" The First Lady of Blues Harp "), but also an extremely expressive singer ..."
(Coburger Tageblatt)
"Two virtuosos have been found here who produce music beyond all genre boundaries, which obviously gives them all the fun in the world ..."
(Jazzpodium 2020)